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What’s the meaning of the different types of Creative Commons

Whenever you submit an image, you are asked to let us know if the picture is yours and under what license can be used or if the image belongs to other and what’s the license associated to it. You can know more about the Creative Commons licenses at

How can I add content to the Encyclopedia?

If you have knowledge to share about cars, you came to the right place. You can access the encyclopedia by rolling the mouse over the cars menu on the top of the page. Click on encyclopedia. All the information in the encyclopedia is editable, you can change text and even add new text blocks.
Just browse the make, model, series or version you want to edit. On the About menu, below each text you can find the edit button. If you want to add new content click on the add content about button, just under the box with photos. Submit your contribution by clicking on the save button. Don’t forget to read the wiki terms. You need to agree and check that box, below the text area, to submit the changes. The contribution is sent to autoviva’s team. If your contribution is approved you will be notified of that via e-mail.

Where can I see the status of my wiki contributions?

You can keep track of your pending wiki contributions on your personal account. Click on account at the top of the page and select wiki on the right bar. Select the pending section to access a list of all the contributions you sent, but haven’t been reviewed yet.

How do I edit my car's profile?

You can edit all the information about your car on your personal account. Click on my account  rolling the mouse over your avatar/profile image on the upper right corner and then select the menu garage. Choose my cars and then press edit next to the car's n... en savoir plus >