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How can I start a group?

To start your own group, click on the link my account on the upper right corner of the page and then select the network menu on the left bar. Click on Open a group and fill in the information about your group. Press the save button to create the group.

How can I add a new topic to the Forum?

In Autoviva we want users to share their opinions, doubts, suggestions on the Forum. If you want to start a new topic just head to the Forum page and select the Board where you think your topic should be included. Click on the selected Board and then click on the new topic button. Fill the Subject of your topic and write your message. You can also add photos. Don’t forget to read Community Rules and Guidelines.

How do I change my car's picture? Your car's main picture can be changed on your personal account. Click on my account on the upper right corner of the page by rolling the mouse over your avatar/profile image, and then select garage. Choose my cars and then press edit next to the car's name. Click on browse and select a picture on your computer. Save the changes to upload your image.