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How can I invite a user to be my buddy?

If you truly want to belong to a community, you need to make buddies. You can have access to members of by accessing to the community menu. To make friends, select a username or search one on the find bar. On the user profile, click on the friend button. You can write a short message or just make the invite, by pressing send.

How can I send a private message?

The quickest way of sending a message to a buddy is to go to your buddy profile and click on the message button, under your username. Press send after writing the text.
From your message center you can manage, send and read all your private messages. You can access the message menu, by clicking on the my account link on the top of the page. To send a message, just click on the compose message section and start writing. On the first text area, enter the username of the person you want to send the message to. You can also press find member and search that username to check the correct spelling. Press add or add [BCC] if the user is the main or secondary recipient, respectively. You can send a message to multiple buddies.
Here you can add smilies, pictures, hyperlinks, and so on... After finishing writing, press preview to see how the message looks like and submit to send it.

Where can I manage my ads?

You can manage your ads on your personal account. Click on the my account link on the top of the page and select classifieds on the right bar. Select my ads to have access to all your submitted ads.

How do I set a star post? The most important post can be chosen as front post to you or your car’s profile. You can set a star post for each profile. Simply go to the profile in which you published the post and select on top of the post make this front post.